Smart Reports

Smart Reports processes diagnostic lab test reports, and translates patients’ health and biomarkers values into easily-understood clinical readings, health tips and other insights generated by an AI based medical reasoning engine.

Smart Reports puts the power into every patient’s hands, allowing them to access and own their health data.

How we empower your lab

Optimize your patient’s journey

Patient sample is collected at the lab

Sample is processed automatically

Smart report is delivered to the patient

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How we help your patients

Support your doctor every day

Patient sample is collected at the lab

Doctor sends the sample to the lab

Sample is processed automatically

Smart Report is delivered to doctors

Doctor shares the report with the patient





Breakdown of top doctor benefits

Clients who trust us

Great experience so far. Very professional and experienced team with strong client focus. Medicus delivers truly innovative and game-changing customer-centric solutions on the back of very distinctive AI capabilities and bespoke technology platform.

Duarte, Customer Experience Project Director, Unilabs Portugal

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A personalized fully integrated solution

Smart Reports can be adapted to your own platform through a seamless experience from lab to device.

Our AI engine and our full range of proprietary features are provided via an API or native SDK for iOS and Android or as a full white-labeled solution. All the data is stored on the client’s server.

The engine supports a wide variety of input data, including: HL7 (Version 2 und 3), HL7 FHIR, CDA, HPRIM, NCPDP, X12/EDI, XML, Delimited Text, xDT (GDT, LDT, BDT), SAP HCM and ASTM.

Available for the whole world

Smart Reports is built on the latest medical guidelines and up-to-date resources to support country and region-specific content, namely the USA, the UK, and the EU.

Our content is tailored to reflect and respect local cultures, habits and needs. Smart Reports is available in 7 languages to meet the rising global demand.









Clinical validation

  • Smart Reports covers more than 500 most commonly ordered lab tests
  • The content provided for these lab tests is prepared and updated by more than 45 scientists and doctors based on the latest applicable medical guidelines and sources
  • The output of each lab test is simulated more than 1000 times before going public

Privacy and Compliance

Real Privacy™ is the unique solution from Medicus AI that has been developed in response to our high standards for data protection and user privacy.

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