Smart Reports

Smart Reports is an AI-based health literacy and delivery platform that interprets medical reports and offers diagnostic labs a user-friendly experience for their patients. Smart Reports puts the power into every patient’s hands, allowing them to own, manage and understand their health data.

Smart Wellbeing

The Smart Wellbeing platform provides users with an overall picture of their physical and psychological health through an engaging multidimensional health quiz and smart score. Smart Wellbeing offers unique coaching programs promoting positive behavioral changes, based on a range of nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle factors.


HomeWell is a home testing medical service that brings primary care to users in the comfort of their homes. HomeWell is supported by digital platforms to ensure high-quality service for all stakeholders (the patient, the nurse, the doctor, and the lab).


SafePlay is a platform for COVID-19 testing centers that provides user-friendly online booking and on-site registration, supports staff in processing and documenting sampling, diagnosis, and invoicing, and simplifies the delivery of test results to end-users and health authorities in accordance with applicable reporting regulations.

Success Stories

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