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What we do

Learn more about the work we do at Medicus AI.

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Our Values


Every team member has been chosen as they are trusted to bring a valuable contribution to the company. This is why all of us are expected to take ownership of every project and task we undertake.

Our Values


Nothing is set in stone and we need to be flexible in adapting our culture. This means being ready to challenge existing values whenever required.

Our Values


We share a common goal, which is why we support each other wherever needed. It is this collaborative attitude that makes us individually stronger and work better as a team.

Our Values

Methodical Approach

We value learning and knowledge sharing, which is why we methodically document processes and information to ease collaboration and communication throughout our remote teams.

Our Values


We emphasize passion and creativity, and merit performance over education or academic background. Status is secondary, and the best ideas win the day.

Our Values


We take great care in approaching everything we do and every penny we spend with a mindful attitude, ensuring the best outcome we can by stretching our euros and dollars to achieve great work.

Available Positions

Welcome to the

Entrepreneur in Residence program

Your stepping stone into the business world!

Are you a young graduate, eager to learn more about entrepreneurship and how startups really work?

Recruiting Process


Submit your CV and Cover Letter


Once you’ve submitted your CV and cover letter, our HR department will assess your qualifications and if you are a fit, do a quick pre-screening call with you.

First Interview

We want to know more

If the pre-screening is successful, you will have a quick 20-30 minute interview, which we normally conduct via call with the hiring manager to assess your background and cultural fit.


Show us what you’ve got

If the hiring manager believes you could be a good fit, you will receive a short task so that we can assess your skills and experience. Once you submit the task we will review it and let you know whether you are in the next stage.

Second Interview

Now we’re getting serious

If your task has been convincing and we like your work, you will be interviewed by our CEO or someone else from the management team. This interview will most likely be a bit longer and face-to-face whenever possible.

Job offer

You made it!

If you’ve gotten this far, out of all the candidates we had the pleasure to meet, you are the one! We will happily call you and spread the news. Afterwards you will receive an offer letter from us - let’s talk business.

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