Insurance companies and
corporate partners

Insurance companies and corporate partners

The increased focus on technology has been shown to be a crucial tool for the sustainability of health systems. Medicus Smart Wellbeing helps you upgrade your business models by introducing new technologies. It is an optimized digital tool providing a holistic health approach with evidence-based content. The output is a physical score, a psychological score, helpful insights, and coaching programs.

Medicus Smart Wellbeing is designed to influence users’ behavior and improve their health awareness by helping them contemplate, prepare, initiate, and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. It supports you in elevating your users’ experience by improving health awareness, tracking adherence to healthier lifestyle choices, understanding the risk factors related to the population, managing health efficiently, and lowering the costs of healthcare services for everyone.

The user journey

Provide your patients with exclusive access to Smart Wellbeing 

Take the quiz and receive the Wellbeing score with personalized insights

 Start a personalized coaching program

Make progress and achieve personal goals

And earn badges and rewards for certain achievements

We started working with Medicus in January 2021 on a comprehensive Employee Group Wellness app. The team is highly reactive and attentive to our needs. The experience has been very satisfactory. Medicus is a professional and reliable partner. The company is delivering on all the promises.

Marc, Group Corporate Development, NASCO

Middle Eastern Insurance Company

A comprehensive solution that includes the Wellbeing quiz and score, and a coaching program in a white-labeled mobile app.

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