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Medicus AI is an innovative technology company that helps people understand their health by explaining their medical reports and health data to them in a personalized, easy-to-understand, and visual way.

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Find out how Medicus is working with partners to help facilitate rapid antigen testing requirements for Covid 19.

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Apex Aero

A Different Kind of Doctor: How Medical AI Is Helping the Aviation Industry Fight COVID
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Forbes Middle East

Dubai-Born Healthtech Firm Medicus Raises $3.1 M In Series A Funding
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The National

Dubai start-up rolls out first Covid-19 app with EU medical device certification

Smart Reports

Smart Reports is a CE-marked, AI-based digital health solution that supports diagnostics labs and healthcare providers with digital report delivery and health insights.

Smart Reports explains and interprets diagnostic lab test reports, and translates health-relevant patient input into easily understood biomarker readings, health tips and other insights based on a medical reasoning engine.

Smart Reports puts the power into every patient’s hands, allowing them to access and own their health data.
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How we built it

When we saw all the various solutions and apps being launched for COVID-19, we realized that there was no app that combined all possible use cases to serve people’s needs simply and easily.

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