Open for All

Our products are available to all healthcare providers and health professionals. We offer a dynamic and personalized experience tailored to the needs of each client.

Custom developments

We work with our clients to build valuable and customizable programs that solve specific problems within a particular group.

Personalized Fully Integrated Solution

Our products can be adapted to your own platform through a seamless experience from lab to device.


We work with clients to pick and assemble their own unique platforms and experiences from the rich and modular feature set we have on offer. The features include: interoperability engine, coaching programs, differential diagnosis engine, pregnancy journey, analytical tools, medical reasoning engine, smart alerts, communication tools, health risk calculators, real privacy and OCR reports.


Our AI engine and our full range of proprietary features are provided via an API or native SDK for iOS and Android or as a full white-labeled solution. All the data is stored on the client’s server.

The engine supports a wide variety of input data, including: HL7 (Version 2 und 3), HL7 FHIR, CDA, HPRIM, NCPDP, X12/EDI, XML, Delimited Text, xDT (GDT, LDT, BDT), SAP HCM and ASTM.

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