Unlocking humanity’s health data, so everyone can understand it and participate in their healthcare decisions.

What we do

Medicus converts health data (vitals, blood reports, device readings etc.) with their cryptic numbers and medical language into a visual experience with easy-to-understand health insights and actionable recommendations.

This way, we empower everyone to easily understand their medical and health info and see how they fit within their overall health profile. We also strive to help people stay healthy by automating all preventive measures specifically designed for each person’s profile.

Our vision

We believe that the key to the future of healthcare is through a user-centered approach and by putting people first, combining beautiful design, intuitive interaction, adaptive behavior and simplified content & communication.

Ultimately, we aim to enable a future of continuous personalized healthcare for every single person, including real-time health data (wearables, connected devices), user interaction, and medical professionals input (medical reports and doctors' input).

Our Locations