About Medicus AI

At Medicus, we believe that patient empowerment and health literacy are key to impact the overall wellbeing, improve health outcomes and avoid unnecessary pain and costs.

From the moment we started Medicus in 2016, we have been working obsessively towards achieving this goal, and partnering with the largest healthcare providers in Europe and the Middle East (diagnostic labs, hospitals, clinics, insurance providers, etc.) to build products that fulfill their business needs and empower their patients to take actions for better health outcomes.

That’s what makes Medicus a leading technology company supporting the diagnostic industry with an innovative digital health platform. Our team builds best-in-class licensed, integrated, and white-labeled B2B2C platforms to address the business challenges of the healthcare system on the way to achieving our ultimate goal of patient empowerment.

Medicus works with some of the largest providers in Europe and the Middle East, delivering solutions and supporting specific use cases with a combined patient reach of 35 million and growing.

Who are we...

Function split

M&S: 23
Product & Tech: 35
Other: 10

Gender split

Male: 57%

Female: 43%

Age split

18 – 34: 84%

35 – 64: 16%

Our leadership team

Dr. Baher Al Hakim


Baher is a dentist by study and a serial entrepreneur by practice, with 15 years experience in a broad spectrum of disciplines including product & technology, sales, marketing and fundraising.
Before Medicus, Baher founded CloudAppers digital agency in Dubai in 2008 with 100+ projects, from which he stepped down in 2015 to start Medicus.

Nadine Nehme, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Nadine is a scientist, medical researcher and lecturer with years of experience in genetics, genomics, and immunology. She left academia in 2015 to merge her passion for science with her passion for technology, join and co-found Medicus where she is now leading the Medical & Science team as its Chief Science Officer.

Mouhamad Kawas

Chief Technology Officer

Mouhamad is an experienced developer, team leader, serial entrepreneur, and university lecturer.
He joined Medicus in 2016 as a CTO and managed to scale the development team size by three times within one year. Mouhamad is now leading the Medicus Development Operations team which is one of our biggest teams.

Verena Kretschmann

Chief Operating Officer

Verena joined Medicus in March 2017, where she is responsible for all global operations. Through her previous roles, she closed a 7-digit investment round for a health tech startup and gained significant experience in growing a successful German e-commerce startup from 10 to 150 employees. Verena holds a diploma in International Business Management and is interested in behavioral psychology and general philosophy.

Francisco Vega

Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer

Francisco started his career working on M&A in the biotech industry. Serial-entrepreneur, he founded his first venture in 2012: a disruptive blood testing company (exited in 2016), for which he led the fundraising, finance and business development.
Francisco has led Medicus’ business expansion, opening markets such as Luxembourg, France, China and Japan; and has transitioned since into the role of Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer.

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