Smart Wellbeing

The Medicus Wellbeing platform provides you with an overall picture of your patients physical and psychological health through an engaging health quiz and smart score.

 The app offers coaching programs from a unique and growing library that promotes positive behavioral changes, based on a range of nutrition, fitness and lifestyle factors.

Engage with your patients

How it works

Provide your patients with exclusive access to Smart Wellbeing 

Take the quiz and receive the Wellbeing score with personalized insights

Start a personalized coaching program

Make progress and achieve personal goals

And earn badges and rewards for certain achievements

The features

Each member’s achievement is displayed in a gallery of milestones and earned badges, presented in a playful and interactive way that drives engagement and adherence.

Clients who trust us

We started working with Medicus in January 2021 on a comprehensive Employee Group Wellness app. The team is highly reactive and attentive to our needs. The experience has been very satisfactory. Medicus is a professional and reliable partner. The company is delivering on all the promises.

Marc, Group Corporate Development, NASCO

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A personalized fully integrated solution

Smart Wellbeing can be adapted to your own platform through a seamless experience from lab to device.

Our AI engine and our full range of proprietary features are provided via an API or native SDK for iOS and Android or as a full white-labeled solution. All the data is stored on the client’s server.

The engine supports a wide variety of input data, including: HL7 (Version 2 und 3), HL7 FHIR, CDA, HPRIM, NCPDP, X12/EDI, XML, Delimited Text, xDT (GDT, LDT, BDT), SAP HCM and ASTM.

Available for the whole world

Smart Wellbeing is built on the latest medical guidelines and up-to-date resources to support country and region-specific content, namely the USA, the UK, and the EU.

Our content is tailored to reflect and respect local cultures, habits and needs. Smart Wellbeing is available in 8 languages to meet the rising global demand.










Privacy and compliance

Medicus is fully compliant with EU GDPR requirements for Smart Wellbeing.

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