Unbundling the Lab

01.09.2021 by Medicus Team

Breaking down the ongoing disruption in diagnostics

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The lab today is a complex environment, with several verticals and specialties that make up the industry. Of course, different labs focus on different services, yet, it’s important to grasp the opportunities for innovation and imagination within each service offered to a patient.

We’ve also highlighted some of the most exciting players in the market today for each particular service. This allows us to identify opportunities for diagnostic labs to widen their offering, add value to their services and take part in the upcoming digital revolution.

01 Basic Testing

Considered the bread and butter of the diagnostic industry, basic testing supports primary patient care. With fewer barriers between lab and patient, there are opportunities in everything from remote sample collection to digital results delivery.

02 Prevention and Screening

An extension of basic testing, prevention and screening is an area that has received more interest from insurance providers and payers, and from government entities alike, all seeing the bottom-line benefits in prevention and screening to public health in particular, and the advancement of human life in general..

03 Home Care and Telehealth

Digital tools have empowered patients to have better control over their health, with tools that support home tests, remote monitoring, enhanced communication, and better accessibility to their doctors. COVID-19 has accelerated the rise of these services, and we don’t expect this boom to slow down anytime soon.

04 Infectious Diseases / COVID-19

More relevant today than ever, the challenges of infectious diseases testing are under the microscope. The need for mass and frequent testing in the era of COVID-19 has revealed opportunities to improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency through digitization, and highlighted the current gaps in testing.

05 Women’s Health

From fertility and pregnancy support, to preventative care, women’s health has seen a growth in specialized companies developing tools that cater to women’s unique health needs. The breakthroughs that have occurred in the last few years have changed the way women access, and ultimately, interact with Health.

06 Pathology and Decision Support

A major aspect of disease detection is in pattern matching, this is where AI and its digital friends come into play. The amount of data involved and the benefits derived from machine learning advances in this field will allow AI to flex its neuronic muscles and further upgrade one of the most critical services a lab can offer.

07 Genetic and Specialized Screening

There are opportunities for digital tools to grasp when it comes to genetic and specialized screening for hereditary conditions and diseases, which can result in significantly improved patient outcomes through early detection and treatment.

08 Radiology and Imaging

With rapid advances in technology and machine learning, the realm of radiology and imaging has greatly benefited from digital tools that can detect patterns and abnormalities, and assist in early detection and treatment.