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Medicus AI is building towards a future where the focus on health is part of everyday life: Empowering people to get and remain healthy, helping them every step of the way to recover from illness, and clearly explaining everything to them in order to make the best decision at any point in time. Medicus AI is built to work within diagnostic labs, hospitals, clinics and insurance companies. We support our partners with health and medical data interpretation, analysis, and provision of smart and preventive healthcare, as well as personalized and actionable insights for patients and insurance members.

Medicus AI works with diagnostic labs to deliver smart features and insights to both doctors and patients in the form of visual and interactive reports.

How Medicus AI helps

  • Provides a superior patient report that helps them understand their results
  • Engages patients continuously through wellbeing and lifestyle features
  • Augments doctors’ experience with smart clinical decision support
  • Increases retention & growth through a superior experience
  • Unlocks a new ecosystem of services around your report

Medicus AI pricing is designed to pay back for itself in a short time.

On average, a 1% increase in tests or customers results in 30% ROI.

Medicus AI costs less than printing and delivering a report.

Medicus AI is committed to real privacy and empowers insurance providers to deliver a wellbeing platform that protects user data by storing all data on the device and interacts with people of all profiles to provide highly-personalized health engagement, in addition to smart and unique wellbeing coaching.

How Medicus AI helps

  • Reduces the number of claims by improving patient wellbeing through personalized insights and coaching
  • Integrates a medical report interpretation service in insurance ecosystems
  • Provides an automated wellbeing coaching service to members that target basic prevention- Builds and deploys wellbeing applications that offer Real Privacy, keeping all data on users’ phones and returning only aggregate analytics to insurance partners, allowing them to design and push highly-personalized campaigns without having access to personal data

Medicus AI Engine and the various systems that power the platform are available for licensing for a variety of business needs.

How Medicus AI helps

Medicus AI engine and platform features:
  • Works and stores data completely offline (smartphones, medical devices, embedded on chips) or on the cloud
  • At the core of the platform sits a C-based logic engine, offering great performance & support for all devices
  • Works across all platforms: paper, SMS, mobile apps, web, wearables, medical devices, voice assistants, and others.
  • Comes with fully-documented SDKs and APIs for easy integration
  • Medicus AI development environment (IDE) & syntax is simple and easy to use
  • Medicus AI production system streamlines the creation and validation of new protocols, applications and use-cases
  • Medicus AI validation system takes the application through the different phases of clinical studies & trials CE-compatible documentation workflow enables medical device certification

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