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Medicus AI is an AI-based platform that converts health data into an interactive experience with easy-to- understand explanations, personalized health insights and smart wellbeing coaching. Medicus AI empowers everyone to easily understand their medical and health info, engage them with personalized health insights, and coach them every step of the way to stay or become healthy. Medicus AI currently covers biometric data, all vitals, full health profile and family history, medications and the most tested blood, urine and stool markers (currently 160 biomarkers). Medicus AI is used by diagnostic labs and health insurance companies for both, providing patient-friendly health reports and fostering continuous and personalized wellbeing coaching.


Medicus AI solves the problem of understanding and communicating medical information and reports to normal people with limited medical knowledge. With the propose of grasping the full picture of their health and what actions can be taken based on that at any point in time.

This is important because everyone deserves a simple yet comprehensive understanding of their health, in order to make the right decisions and participate in their wellbeing.


Our solution for this problem


Medicus AI analyses and interprets diagnostic reports and health data (vitals, activity, etc.) including lifestyle aspects, and combines and understands all of them, to deliver a personalized health feed that:

  • Visualizes & Interprets all test results and health values on the specific health profile
  • Simplifies all medical terms
  • Recommends checkups and screenings
  • Informs about any relevant health risk assessment & organ evaluations
  • Supports with contextual health statistics
  • Guides with personalized health & lifestyle tips
  • Coaches toward a healthier life using designed programs & AI

Medicus AI is powered by a medical reasoning engine that operates based on the exact reasoning doctors use when looking at an individual’s health data. Medicus AI asks a few questions that the engine then uses AI to allows for real-time reasoning and interpretation.

It adapts to and personalizes the user experience based on each user’s unique profile.
The engine is based exclusively on:

  • the accepted anthology of medical knowledge
  • country-specific medical and health guidelines

Medicus AI has been built for those who:

  • run any medical lab tests and want to understand the underlying meaning of the report numbers
  • are health-conscious and want to be proactive and continuously track and understand their health
  • lead an active lifestyle and are seeking performance improvements
  • have an existing condition and seek to manage it in a highly personalized manner
  • are looking for an enjoyable and insightful way to manage their health and wellbeing

Yes. Medicus AI currently primarily targets diagnostic labs that are interested in modernizing their diagnostic reports, increase their growth in doctors, patients and tests, and use the interactive smart report as a gateway to create and offer new business models.

Medicus AI also targets insurance providers that are looking for solutions to meaningfully engage their member base with their health and provide wellbeing coaching and improvement that is measured and quantified; all without ever accessing or storing their members’ data.

We seek to be the partner of choice for health and medical data interpretation, analysis, and provision of smart and preventive healthcare as well as personalized and actionable insights for users, patients and insurance members.

  • The app communicates with you based on what you feed it with
  • The more input the app gets (regarding health/ lifestyle data and related info), the more personalized insights it can give you about your health
  • The app also picks up data from connected smart devices, such as your Apple watch, and personalizes your experience based on your unique profile and interaction with all of our content
  • Based on this, it adapts the type of insights, the tone of voice and the frequency of interaction

There are different ways to input your data to the app:

  • Enter it in manually, a process which has been designed to be simple and intuitive
  • Take and upload a picture of your lab test report, which will automatically add your data to the app
  • Connect the app to your smart device(s) or upload relevant data from your health kit or other health or lifestyle apps
  • If your healthcare provider (diagnostic lab or health insurance company) is already working with us, you can import your data directly through their digital services

We help you track whatever you want, and understand your health better, sparing you the googling and research, giving you all the insights and recommendations you need to know. All of this is personalized and adapted to your unique health profile, down to the smallest of details.
We’ll explain your health data, and provide you with ongoing lifestyle tips to help you stay healthy.

No, we have no intention to replace doctors; we support them in making their lives easier. We explain all health values and matters simply, instantly and based on the same medical guidelines that doctors use, saving you the time spent looking things up only to be faced with unreliable information.

The app does not provide professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, and may under no circumstances be used as a substitute for a doctor.

Medicus is 100% private.

Medicus is exclusively based on the accepted existing medical knowledge and has been developed in conformity with the GDPR and European medical devices guidelines. Your personal data is only stored on your device, you don’t need an account with Medicus to use it; none of your data gets sent or saved anywhere else. The whole app code sits on your phone, which means that Medicus doesn’t even need to be online to work.

The only exception to this is our scanning service. If you choose to use the option to scan or upload your lab report to avoid adding all results manually, your data will be transferred to our scanning team with your explicit consent for the purpose of scanning service only. Once the data is send back to your app in structured format, the data is automatically deleted from our servers.

To provide 100% data security, we neither require you to set up an account nor store or send any data outside of your phone. You can, however, back it up through iCloud, other such similar services (Dropbox, Google Drive), or connect your Medicus AI app to an eHealth record provider we’re working with, such as the Gesundheitscloud of Hasso-Plattner-Insitute. This will ensure that none of your data gets lost, allowing you to seamlessly sync it to a new device.


Absolutely. We’re already in the process to be CE certified as Class I Medical Device. Everything we do around medical reasoning, content and data security is exclusively based on the accepted guidelines.

All of our content is strictly and exclusively based on accepted medical knowledge and guidelines (adapted per country). All sources are available on the app, which means that for every info you get from our side, you’ll be able to see which guideline we have it from. To double check all of our content, we work with medical doctors on a consultancy basis who are continuously reviewing all of our data.

Currently, the country-adapted content is available for Germany, France, UK, the EU region, and the U.S. If you’re located in any other country, we’ll provide the U.S. content for you until we have your country added as well.

Currently the app is available in 4 different languages: English, German, French and Arabic.

Medicus AI will always be free for the basic features. Our soon-to-launch premium model will include advanced features, and never cost more than what you’d pay for 1 coffee once a month.

Our headquarters are based in Vienna, and we also have offices in Berlin, Paris, Beirut and Dubai.

Medicus AI has been developed by a long-standing team of scientists, physicians and pharmacologists.


We are a team of technologists, researchers, and medical geeks, passionate about health matters and about utilizing and applying the latest in technology to effect positive health changes in people’s lives and transform healthcare services across the globe. It is a strong and accomplished team, with many years of experience building companies and products with great user experience.


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