In-short: Medicus converts health data with its cryptic numbers and medical language into a visual experience with easy-to-understand health insights and actionable recommendations.

The long answer: Medicus converts health data with its cryptic numbers and medical language into a visual experience with easy-to-understand health insights and actionable recommendations.

  • We empower patients to easily understand their medical and health info and see how they fit within their overall health profile
  • We focus on vitals (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) and blood test reports for now (currently at 130 biomarkers). Our ambition is to do this for all patients’ health data and medical reports
  • In addition, Medicus automates all preventive measures specifically designed for each patient profile
  • Medicus aims to empower a future of continuous personalized healthcare based on real-time health data (e.g. from wearables, connected devices) and medical professionals input (e.g. medical reports and doctor’s input)

Medicus is powered by a medical reasoning engine that uses AI to simulate the reasoning that doctors do when they look at your health and medical reports, and ask you a few questions.
The engine is based exclusively on:

  • the accepted medical knowledge
  •  medical and health guidelines

Medicus has been built for those who:

  • run any medical test
  • are health-conscious and want to be proactive and continuously track & understand
  • lead an active lifestyle and are seeking performance improvements
  • have an existing condition they seek to manage

Yes. Medicus is built to work within diagnostics labs, hospitals, clinics and insurance companies. We seek to be the partner of choice for health/medical data interpretation, analysis, and provision of smart and preventive healthcare as well as personalized and actionable insights for patients and insurance members. Currently, we are in pilot discussions with Synlab (Germany), Unilabs (Switzerland), Cerba (France and UAE) and Labors (Austria) as well as a few others.

The app communicates with you, based on what you feed it with. The more input the app gets (regarding heath data and info), the more info it can give you about your health. The app also picks up data from connected smart devices (such as your Apple watch), and it personalizes your experience based on your unique profile and interaction with all of our content. Based on that, it adapts the type of insights, the tone of voice and the frequency of interaction.

At the moment, you can input your data manually, and we’ve made this part super easy and intuitive for you. Within the next weeks, you’ll be able to connect smart devices, add simply take a picture of your lab tests and upload relevant data from your health kit or other apps. We’ll inform you once this is available.

Yes! You’ll be able to connect Medicus once, and then the app draws your device data automatically. This is not ready for our current soft launch release but will be ready for our public launch end of June.

We help you track whatever you want, and understand your health better, sparing you the googling and research, giving you all of those insights and recommendations you need to know. All of this is personalized and adapted to your unique health profile, down to the smallest details.
We’ll explain your health data, we give you lifestyle tips to stay healthy and we’ll remind of what you might need to monitor or when you should see a doctor.

No, we’re not replacing doctors. We’re supporting them and making their lives easier. As we explained all health values and matters simply, instantly and based on the same medical guidelines doctors use, saving you time from looking things up and reaching unreliable sources and then having to debate that with your doctor.
Your doctor can rest assured that you’re reading the same reliable medical information that they operate with.

Medicus is 100% private. Your personal data is only stored on your device, and never gets sent or saved anywhere else.
The whole app code sits on your phone, which means that Medicus doesn’t even need to be online to work.

To provide 100% data security, we neither require you to set up an account or store/send any data outside of your phone. You can, however, back it up through iCloud or other such services (Dropbox, Google Drive) and sync with it again with your new phone.

Not yet, but we’re working on it. To guarantee the utmost data security for you, it will work via a QR code and by connecting with your mobile phone, just like Whatsapp does it. We’ll inform you once this feature is ready.

Absolutely. We’re already in the process to be CE certified as Class I Medical Device. Everything we’re doing regarding medical reasoning, content and data security is exclusively based on the accepted guidelines.
Actually, we probably have the most secure infrastructure among all health apps, because we (as Medicus) don’t see or store any of your data.

All of our content is strictly and exclusively based on accepted medical knowledge and guidelines (adapted per country). All sources are available on the app, which means that for every info you get from our side, you’ll be able to see which guideline we have it from. To double check all of our content, we work with medical doctors on a consultancy basis who are continuously reviewing all of our data.

Currently, the country-adapted content is available for Germany, France, UK, the EU region, and the U.S. If you’re located in any other country, we’ll provide the U.S. content for you until we have your country added as well.

Only for now. The German version is coming out later in June, French & Arabic in a few more months, and we’re already working on other languages to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Medicus will always be free for the basic features, and later on we’ll introduce a premium model with some advanced features, but it won’t be more than what you pay for 1 coffee a month.

Our headquarters are based in Vienna, and we also have offices in Berlin, Paris, Beirut and Dubai.

We’re a team of 29 full-time and 8 part-time employees.

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